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San Sebastian

A staff and customer favorite is back for its tenth year! Say hello to our old friend, San Sebastian from Colombia.

We look forward to this coffee every year for its smooth, yet expressive flavors and this season’s harvest is no exception. The journey starts with a light citrus acidity, followed by sweetness of cherry, and rounding out with malt and chocolate.

This beautiful Colombian coffee is exuberant enough to please the hard-core black coffee crowd, yet substantial enough to hold up to cream and sugar.

San Sebastian comes to us from a group of approximately 100 small growers in the municipality of La Plata, located in the southwestern part of the department of Huila, in the foothills of the Cordillera Central. The coffees in San Sebastian are shade grown under the cover of Plantains, banana, Guamos, and Cachimbo trees. The picked coffee is fully washed on the producers’ farms and then fully sun-dried in covered patios and on African beds.

Occicafe Growers Association, Huila, Colombia

Washed Caturra, Colombia
Citrus, Cherry, Malt