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Riripa has made its anticipated return! This coffee brought such great and unique flavors last year that we had to buy from this year’s crop as well. This Ethiopian coffee comes from a group of 742 smallholders in the Riripa area of Nensebo district, in West Arsi.

The area of Riripa is known for its densely shaded forestry and false banana trees, both key in helping to encourage coffee plant growth. The abundant rainfall in the area also helps make Riripa an ideal location for coffee plants to thrive.

Riripa is quickly becoming a roastery favorite by showcasing big, sweet citrus and floral flavors. In this year’s crop we experienced Lemon Drop, Sweet Cherry, and the delicate florality and sweetness of Honey.

West Arsi, Ethiopia, Africa

Washed Local Cultivars
Lemon Drop, Sweet Cherry, Honey