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Ojo De Agua

Novo has been partnering with Finca Hartmann for well over a decade and a half. Much like Novo being a pioneer in Denver’s coffee scene, the Hartmann family were pioneers for specialty coffee production in Panama.

The Hartmann family preserved the rainforest on their land, and planted native shrubs and trees to maintain healthy soil and encourage wildlife – which it did in abundance. Their land is covered by a rainforest canopy, creating ideal conditions for coffee growth. Native birds have also returned to the rainforest, making the area famous for bird watching as well. The Hartmanns’ vision is to work together with nature, and work the land without destroying it.

Ojo De Agua is the result of this family’s passion and conservation. All of this translates directly into flavors of Brazil Nuts, Honeycrisp, and Brown Sugar.

Finca Hartmann, Volcan, Panama, Central America

Washed Caturra, Catuai
Brazil Nut, Honeycrisp, Brown Sugar