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Java Tikukur

Ever tried genuine “java” FROM Java? Java Tikukur, our latest release, lets you do just that!

Hailing from West Java, Indonesia, it’s named after the local “Tikukur” turtle dove and a neighboring mountain. Local farmers here sell their coffee cherries directly to the Tenjolaya Ciwidey wet mill.

The wet-hulling processing method was created in Sumatra and adopted throughout the region as an answer to the rainy and humid conditions that make drying green coffee a real challenge in this part of the world.

This process pulps the cherries immediately and removes the husk or parchment at an earlier stage than conventional methods, while the green seed is still soft. After milling, the seeds are then fully dried to their target moisture content.

We experienced the sweet and rich flavors of Plum, the sweetness of Fudge, and the earthiness of Pecans in this Java coffee. Experience this distinctive coffee today!

Smallholder Farms, Cipaganti, West Java

Wet–Hulled Catimor, Tim Tim, Typica, Gayo 2
Plum, Fudge, Pecan