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Bonita Springs

Before we can dive into the wild, natural flavors of Bonita Springs, we have to talk about where it grows.

Finca Bonita Springs in Boquete, Panama grows and produces this incredible coffee. While the farm is only 10 minutes away from the city center of Boquete, the valley in which it resides is remarkably wild and fertile.

2 rivers, 4 streams, 5 natural springs, and 2 waterfalls flow through the 36 hectares of this farm. All of this natural water combined with high rainfall and humidity create a spectacular micro climate that is prime for growing incredible coffee.

Just as the land is wild and natural, so too is this coffee. Big fruity notes dominate the overall taste as dried strawberry, cherry cola sweetness, and a dark chocolatey base. Bonita Springs is a stunning coffee that you’ll remember for a very long time.

Finca Bonita Springs, Panama, Central America

Sun Dried Wush Wush, SL28, Caturra, Catuai
Dried Strawberry, Cherry Cola, Dark Chocolate