President & Co-Founder
Origin: Madison, Wisconsin

A husband, father, entrepreneur, and former breakdancer, Jake co-founded Novo with his father Herb and brother Joseph. As the youngest of five boys, Jake grew up fishing, camping, and exploring the abundant lakes of Wisconsin. Jake got his start in the coffee world by working in his older brother’s coffee cart in downtown Madison (this was before food trucks were cool). Although he enjoyed the coffee business, he pursued several adventures before circling back to it: Jake attended college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was captain of the Division-I UMASS soccer team, taught English in Madrid, and played soccer with the Colorado Comets and Arizona Sahuaros before opening Novo in 2002.

Jake’s favorite aspect of Novo is the ability to be involved in many different facets of coffee—from cultivation to production to cupping, Jake is earnest about preserving superb coffee from origin to cup and being true to the hard work that was put into it before the beans arrived at our door. These days, Jake can be found surrounded by women—four of them, to be exact. Amy, Eliza, Rowan and Leighton, his wife and three daughters. He can often be found on play dates in the neighborhood, hiking with the girls around Red Rocks, or talking flavor profiles with local Colorado brewers (his other favorite beverage).