Origin: The Bronx

A longtime political activist and people-person, Herb and his two sons Jake and Joseph co- founded Novo in 2002. To put it mildly, Herb has led an incredibly full life. He was born to a working class family in the Bronx, joined the Navy when he was 17, attended college at the City University of New York, and participated in numerous anti-war demonstrations. He’s hitch-hiked for thousands of miles, driven cabs and delivery trucks in New York City and Madison, Wisconsin, attended the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, and decided to call Denver home for good in 1995.

While coffee is Novo’s lifeblood, for Herb it has always been about people and building relationships. Herb cares deeply about customer service, sharing quality, maintaining high standards, being a good example to others, and adhering to a code of ethics. He will emphatically tell you that he loves coming to work because ultimately, it’s about being enthusiastic about what we are creating—every single day.

Herb can be found at local restaurants and watering holes with the love of his life, Mary, and his trademark “woo!” is usually heard echoing throughout Novo’s roasting facility (if you’re lucky you’ll catch an accompanying spin move).