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Yachi Kachise

Novo’s Yachi Kachise comes from the Yachi Kachise Co-op, a small but growing cooperative in the Jimma region of Ethiopia. Yachi Kachise began with only 35 co-op members, and as of this coffee harvest, there are 148 active members, 41 of whom are women, with a total of more than 1500 coffee-dependent family members. The co-op pays an annual cash dividend to all its members, and it invests in clean water supply and infrastructure in the local community. This coffee is harvested northwest of the city of Jimma, with the farms sitting at a high elevation with rich, fertile soil. This area is known for coffees with delicate floral notes and syrupy fruit flavors, and Novo’s Yachi Kachise is no exception.

Yachi Kachise Coop - Jimma Zone, Gera District, Ethiopia

Washed Heirloom Varieties
Lemongrass, Strawberry, Peach