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Novo’s Umurage comes from Bufcoffee Ltd, a coffee producing and exporting company founded in 2003 by Epiphanie Mukashyaka, a widowed mother of seven. Bufcoffee operates four washing stations, of which Umurage is their third. Sitting near Mount Huye, the Umurage washing station draws its water from the Nyungwe Forest National Park, one of the sources of the Nile River. The water is clean and clear, and is often used as a source for commercial mineral water. The Umurage washing station receives coffee cherries from a around 412 surrounding farmers, who’s farms sit at an altitude between 1,600 and 2,100 meters. After processing, all coffees from the Umurage washing station are hand sorted, lending to a pristine cup, jam packed with bright citrus and deep syrupy fruit flavors.

Umurage Washing Station, Bufcoffee Ltd, Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Washed Red Bourbon
Apricot, Plum, Honey