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You may not have seen the name Talquezalar before, but this is not exactly a new coffee for Novo. At least, not really. Remember the El Mural? El Mural was a collection of coffees from farmers in and around Chalatenango, El Salvador. Talquezalar is one of those coffees.Finca Talquezalar is operated by Irene Del Socorro Gonzales Soza and was named by her father in law to honor his village. In operation for over 40 years, Irene took over the farm just last year after the tragic passing of her husband. Irene had worked alongside her husband for 13 years overseeing the farm, and now she works to build a legacy for her daughters and to create jobs and better incomes for her workers. This is an outstanding coffee, with rich milk chocolate notes, big melon and cherry fruit, and a lasting vanilla sweetness.

Finca Talquezalar, La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador

Washed Pacas
Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Melon