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The Remera washing station sits high up in the Rwandan mountains and is one of the highest in the district at 1950 meters. It is one of two washing stations from Buf Cafe, which was started by Epiphanie Mukashyaka and is now managed by her son, Samuel Muhirwa.

After the civil war, Epiphanie founded Buf Cafe using funds she received from the Rwanda Development Bank and USAID’s PEARL project. She is now known throughout Rwanda as a symbol of economic recovery through coffee production. We love getting to be a part of this story by continuing to buy from this producer.

In this coffee you’ll find deep flavors of Plum, the earthy sweetness of Panela, and the richness of Cacao.

From the Rwandan coffee first-timer, to the veteran coffee connoisseur, this coffee is sure to amaze – it sure did for us.

Smallholder Farmers, Nyamagabe, Rwanda

Washed Bourbon
Plum, Panela, Cacao