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Pinavete comes to Novo from our good friend Olman Sauceda and his approximately 30 acre farm in the mountains near Dipilto in northern Nicaragua.

Located at an altitude of 1300-1400 meters above sea level, Olman usually produces 4 different lots from different sections of the farm. He grows several different varieties of coffee including caturra, pacamara, geisha, java, and parainema. Several fruit trees are prevalent throughout the farm, including banana, guava, and several varieties of citrus. Malangas (similar to yucca or taro) are also common. All fertilization on the farm is done organically.

This year’s “Pinavete” is 100% caturra processed using the traditional washed method. After the cherries are depulped (peeled), the seeds are soaked in tanks and where the remaining pulp is loosened and then washed off. The seeds are then dried in raised beds to 10-12% moisture content. Final milling and sorting is done just prior to shipment.

Unfortunately due to logistical reasons, this coffee shipment arrived several months later than expected. Nevertheless, the flavors have held up quite well and we believe it was well worth waiting for.

Olam Sauceda Olivera, El Pinavete, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, Central America

Washed Caturra
Walnut, Tart Cherry, Dark Chocolate