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Pinavete Natural

Another returning favorite, the Pinavete Natural comes from our good friend Olman Sauceda who grows this delicious coffee on his 30 acre farm in the mountains near Dipilto in northern Nicaragua. This year’s crop is from the highest area of the farm and the freshly picked cherries were bagged and left for three and a half days then spread on raised beds to dry for 23 days. Drying the beans with the fruit and skin still surrounding them – we call this the natural or sundried process – helped develop some of the wonderful big fruit notes that we taste in this coffee. With syrupy goodness and sweet tangy flavor, this coffee is not to be missed.

The second image here is of Olman Sauceda and Jake Brodsky, Novo co-founder.

Olam Sauceda Olivera, El Pinavete, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, Central America

Sundried Caturra
Jammy, Pineapple, Cocoa Nib