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Pinavete Maracaturra

We are proud to have been working with Olman Sauceda for well over 5 years. His three farms in the mountains near Dipilto in northern Nicaragua (1300–1650m) produce several different lots depending on the section of the farms. In these sections of the farms, he grows many different varieties of coffee including caturra, gesha, parainema, catuai, and maracaturra, among others.

Several fruit trees are prevalent throughout the farms, including banana, plantain, and several varieties of citrus. Malangas (similar to yucca or taro) are also common.

This year, we’ve purchased 5 different lots of his coffees, three will be offered as single-origin coffees, while the other two will anchor our blends.

Our first two releases of this trio will be a natural processed coffee from Finca Elite, and a washed Maracaturra variety from Finca Pinavete.

This coffee is grown at the same farm (Finca Pinavete) as our previous year’s release Pinavete, but is a different varietal, which creates quite a distinct taste profile. This varietal, Maracatrurra, is a hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra. Because of the cross-pollination with Maragogype, the beans are remarkably huge.

These colossal beans hold the sweet and tangy characteristics of Yuzu, smoothness of White Grape, and the richness of Hazelnut.

It’s a great joy to be able to offer this distinctive and mouth watering coffee from our friend Olman.

Olman Sauceda, Finca Pinavete, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, Central America

Washed Maracaturra
Yuzu, White Grape, Hazelnut