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Mchana comes to Novo from our partners at Royal Coffee and the Mchana Estate, a large coffee producer in Kiambu county, Kenya, that also operates a historic dry mill in the same region. The Mchana Estate comprises almost 640 hectares of coffee farms grown under carefully managed shade canopy, making it one of the largest coffee estates in Kenya. Locally owned and operated, each stage of coffee production is carried out by specialized teams. Mchana Estate provides medical care and daycare for all employees and their families, administers a school and a social hall, and provides local farmers with seedlings and livestock feed. The coffees from Mchana are fully washed and dried in parchment, and like other coffees in the region, are conditioned in bulk for multiple weeks before milling. This conditioning allows the newly dried coffees time to settle and stabilize their internal moisture before export, resulting in very clean and distinct flavors. This coffee has a very crisp, clear flavor profile, with tropical fruits and a sparkling acidity.

Mchana Estate, Ruiru District, Kiambu County, Kenya

Washed SL-28, SL-34, K7, Ruiru 11
Mango, Cane Sugar, Anise