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Maragogype Natural

The variety of Maragogype comes from a spontaneous mutation of Typica first found in Brazil – making it a very rare varietal.  Maragogype is a large plant with big leaves, has a long maturing time, low production and very large fruit. It also produces extremely large beans, which is why it is also known as “Elephant Bean coffee.”

One of the pioneers on the producing side of coffee, Ratibor and his four siblings at Finca Hartmann have been wonderful partners of Novo for almost 15 years. Their experimentation with different coffee varieties and processing methods has helped bring some fantastic coffees to Denver, and their spirit of innovation has been emulated throughout Panama and elsewhere in Central and South America.

Get this unique coffee while you can!

Finca Hartmann, Volcan, Panama

Sun Dried Maragogype
Cherry Jam, Brandy, Dates