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Majagual is an exciting new coffee from Finca Majagual, a new Novo partner located in the Concordia region of Antioquia, Colombia. A neighbor of the Santa Monica Estate, Finca Majagual is led by producer Jesus Maria Martinez Gomez, to whom we were introduced by Cristina Garcés, the producer at Santa Monica. Majagual is an incredible coffee: this is a 100% washed chiroso, a rare Ethiopian variety that grows incredibly well in Colombian soil. This coffee has all the hallmarks of a classic Yirgacheffe coffee, with delicate florality and clean, sparkling citrus notes, but it’s grown near Antioquia at 1750 meters above sea level. If you’re a fan of African and South American coffees, this is not one to miss!

Finca Majagual, La Concordia, Antioquia, Colombia

Washed Chiroso
Honey, Jasmine, Blood Orange