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Los Milagros

Set in a valley in the Chiapas region of Mexico, this coffee is grown on a mountain called Cerro Male, “The Hill of Miracles.” Indigenous tribes believed the water streaming under the mountain could heal the sick, and the caves carved in the mountain were utilized as a refuge during the Spanish Conquest.

A group of over 200 organic farmers called the Cabiochi grow and produce this coffee in the municipality of Motozintla de Mendoza. Since 2019, these producers switched their focus from high yield, low quality coffees to lower yield, higher quality coffees. These coffees become part of larger community blends, not only increasing the overall quality of coffee, but maximizing producers’ opportunities, market access, and more profitable opportunities.

While this coffee won’t miraculously cure any diseases, it does have wonderful flavor combinations of Green Apple acidity, Dark Cherry sweetness, and Cocoa in the finish.

Small-scale producers from the Cabiochi group

Washed Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
Green Apple, Dark Cherry, Cocoa