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Kirinyaga Kii

The Kirinyaga Kii comes to Novo from the Rungeto Farmers’ Cooperative Society, a coop focused on quality and attention to detail during coffee processing. The Kirinyaga Kii is comprised of coffees from the Kii factory, one of 3 factories managed by the Rungeto coop. The Kii factory sits high in the southern foothills of Mount Kenya, where the rich red volcanic soil is perfect for producing some of the finest coffee in Kenya. The Rungeto coop’s attention to detail can be seen in full force at the Kii factory, where only the ripest coffee cherries are processed, undergoing both hand sorting and floating to remove damaged beans, culminating in an intensely flavorful cup.

Kii Factory, Kirinyaga County, Kenya, Africa

Washed SL 28/SL 34/Ruiru 11/Batian
Cantaloupe, Plum, Dry Finish