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Kateshi Estate

This coffee comes to us from the Mafinga Hills, in Zambia’s Northern Province. Mafinga Hills is the highest point in the country, making it an optimal place for coffee cultivation. Kateshi is the closest village in the area and is the main mill for all coffee produced in the region.

The Kateshi coffee estate is known for boldly challenging gender stereotypes in Zambia. They are the first and only coffee estate in the country to employ women for traditionally male-dominated roles such as driving tractors and even larger equipment like road graders and bulldozers.

With a strong focus on gender equality, this coffee directly contributes to the empowerment of women. And this is not restricted to the farm: the newfound sense of independence and pride also spills over into the neighboring communities.

Kateshi Estate made an impression with our team as it tasted more like a sun dried processed coffee despite being washed – no doubt a result of the yeast fermentation. You’ll taste floral sweetness like Orange Blossom, Raspberry-like acidity, and Hazelnut holding it all down together.

Kateshi, Zambia

Yeast Fermented Washed Castillo
Orange Blossom, Raspberry, Hazelnut