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Founded in 2018, Iwalanje Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) began by collecting coffee from smallholders processing coffee on their individual plots. In 2022, they expanded their operations by establishing a washing station to produce fully washed coffees. AMCOS also streamlines the delivery of coffee cherries from smallholder farms to processing stations.

This coffee, sourced from 273 smallholders in the Mbozi District of Tanzania’s Songwe Region, is grown in clay loam soil, primarily featuring Bourbon derivatives (N39, KP423). During the harvest, coffee cherries are delivered daily, immediately pulped, and graded. They undergo fermentation for 24-48 hours, are washed, soaked, and then sun-dried on tables for 8-14 days.

All of this creates a delightful flavor profile of black currant, lovely herbaceousness, and a pop of lime zest.

Smallholder Farmers, Mbozi, Tanzania

Washed Bourbon (KP434, N39)
Black Currant, Herbaceous, Lime Zest