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Hartmann Natural

We’ve been partnering with Finca Hartmann for over 15 years. Their experimentation with different coffee varieties and processing methods has helped bring some fantastic coffees to Denver. This pacamara is no different and brings wild flavors with this fairly unique varietal.

Pacamara originated from a cross between pacas and maragogipe varietals. The pacas genetics give the plants dwarfism, and are much smaller than the typical coffee tree. Because of their compact size, they can be planted much closer together, helping to make efficient use of land, which helps create higher yield.

This particular pacamara is vibrant and complex and reminds us of watermelon, yellow pear, and the sweetness of honey.

Only available in 12oz or 2lb. 

Finca Hartmann, Volcan, Panama, Central America

Sun Dried Pacamara
Watermelon, Yellow Pear, Honey