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Golden Gayo

Grown by smallholder farms in northern Sumatra, Golden Gayo originates in the Aceh Province near the capital city of Takengon. This is one of the main regions in Indonesia that produces Arabica (specialty grade) coffee.

Golden Gayo is grown under shade trees and goes through a unique-processing method called Giling Basah, Wet Hulled, or Semi Washed which is unique to Indonesia. Most other forms of coffee processing involve drying the coffee beans inside the parchment. However, with the Wet Hulling process, the parchment is removed much sooner (after a light initial drying), while the beans are still swollen with water. After that, the naked beans are fully dried, which gives the beans a characteristic muddy green color.

The combination of distinctive micro climate, wet hull processing, and impassioned farmers impart Golden Gayo with unique characteristics of Peach, Cedar, and Grapefruit.

Smallholder Farms, Takengon, Sumatra, Pacific

Wet Hulled Catimor, Ateng, Other Local Varietals
Peach, Cedar, Grapefruit