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Chicho Gallo

A partner of Novo Coffee for over 12 years, Ratibor and his siblings and their families at Finca Hartmann has long been recognized as an industry leader for their innovation and strict quality control. Chico Gallo is a wonderful example of both. This is a honey-processed, Ethiopian heirloom variety of coffee grown on the Hartmann family’s farm, an incredible old growth rainforest known for its ecological diversity. The quality of the soil, the unique variety of coffee, and the attention to detail in processing all combine to create a wonderful final cup. Lush with floral notes, this coffee is overflowing with tropical fruits and finishes with a semi-sweet citrus flavor reminiscent of yuzu.

Finca Hartmann, Volcan, Panama, Central America

Semi-Washed Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties
Rose, Tropical Fruit, Yuzu