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Chicho Gallo

The origin story of Chicho Gallo began way back in 2008 in the Amaro Mountains of Ethiopia.

Novo co-founder Joseph Brodsky received coffee samples from Asnakech Thomas, one of Ethiopia’s first female coffee producers. She was a pioneer in growing, processing, and exporting some amazing coffees from her farm (Amaro Gayo) in the Sidama region of Ethiopia.

Joseph traveled from Ethiopia to Finca Hartmann in Panama with these samples where it was discovered that one set was unmilled (due to time constraints in Ethiopia) and therefore possibly viable as seeds. The Hartmanns decided to plant some of these seeds. The Chicho Gallo coffee beans (seeds) inside this bag are the offspring of this happy accident that happened 15 years ago.

Please enjoy!

Please note, this coffee is sold as 8oz whole bean only.

Finca Hartmann, Volcan, Panama, Central America

Sun Dried Ethiopian Cultivar
Peach, Meyer Lemon, Dried Cherry