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Cascara isn’t a coffee – or, at least it’s not a coffee in the way we usually think about coffee. Cascara literally means “husk” and is actually the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. The removal of the coffee cherry skin is one of the first steps in coffee processing, and often these skins are discarded and used as fertilizer. But when processed carefully, the skins can be dried and then brewed as a tea. The resulting cup is super fruity, with bright berry notes and a pleasant tart quality.

We like to steep the cascara as you would tea, using a 1:16 ratio. For an 8-oz cup of cascara “tea,” for example, we recommend using 15 grams of cascara to 240 grams of boiling water, and letting it steep for 4 minutes. After the 4 minutes, strain and enjoy!


Sold in 12 oz Bags

Finca Colomba, El Salvador

Dried Coffee Cherry Husks
Peach, Pear, Cranberry

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