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Aricha is a brand new Novo coffee from the Gedeo Zone in Ethiopia. Located in the Yirgacheffe District, this coffee comes from the Aricha Mill, a washing station owned and operated by Cherab na Betesebu and his family. The Aricha Mill is a bit of a celebrity in the Ethiopian coffee world: it can trace its origins to the legendary Misty Valley, a washing station that became synonymous with quality throughout the 2000s. The Aricha washing station was originally operated by Abdullah Bagersh as Misty Valley, but was sold in 2008 when Bagersh decided to focus on dry-milling. Now operating as Aricha Mill, this station receives coffee cherries from 650 small farmers throughout the region, who average around just two hectares of farmland each. Aricha’s commitment to quality makes this an outstanding example of Yirgacheffe coffee. Bright, floral, and fruity, this coffee has wonderful aromatics and an incredibly clean cup.

Aricha Mill, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Washed Heirloom Varieties
Passionfruit, Lime, Agave