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Addisu Kidane

Addisu Kidane is a single-farmer coffee named for its cultivator, Addisu Kidane. This coffee is harvested from his 39-acre farm near the town of Halo Bariti, in the heart of the coveted Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia. Addisu has been growing coffee since he was a child, first helping his father, and now growing coffee to support his wife and their eight children. Addisu is a member of the Halo Bariti Co-op, where his harvested cherries are processed. There, his coffee is carefully hand sorted and floated to remove defective beans. The cherries are then dried on raised beds for 15 to 20 days, turned regularly to avoid over-fermentation and mold, and covered in the afternoons to prevent burning in the intense sun. Once the cherries reach the proper dryness level, they are milled and prepared for export. All of this care and technique has created a single-farmer lot that is absolutely spectacular. Jammy and syrupy, this coffee explodes with fruit: sweet, sugary raspberries, as well as deep, rich, dark chocolate. If you’re a fan of fruity, funky, natural coffees, this is one for you.

Addisu Kidane Single Farmer Lot - Gedeo Zone, Gedeb District, Ethiopia

Sundried Heirloom Varieties
Raspberry Preserves and Dark Chocolate