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Adame Kebele

Coffee fanatics around the world might not agree on much, but they almost always love coffee from the Yirgacheffe area of Ethiopia.

Adame Kebele builds on the amazing reputation that Yirgacheffe has and turns it up to eleven, by becoming a rarely rated Grade Zero.

The idea of Grade Zero first started in 2021 with the concept of a rating better than Grade 1 (the top rating at the time). Once dried and rested, the still parchment covered coffee is treated to extra sorting steps at the dry mill, including additional passes through the optical sorting machine and slower, more meticulous hand-sorting.

What does all of this mean? It translates to overall higher quality and an exceptionally clean coffee. We experienced Tangerine acidity, the deepness of Cocoa, and a Floral finish.

Smallholder Farmers, Adame washing station

Washed Local Cultivars
Tangerine, Cocoa, Floral